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When you POSITIVELY, ABSOLUTELY need to get your parts cleaned right the first time, we have the perfect parts washer solution for you. With 30+ years of industry experience we’ve consulted on every kind of part and every kind of coating that you would want cleaned.
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“eChem Inc. provided exactly what I needed to clean a very complex part. They listened to my particular problem and figured out a solution that was efficient and cost-effective for me. When it comes to providing experience and high value, I am extremely happy with the people at eChem Inc.”


“After talking with other manufacturers and distributors I really thought we had a parts cleaning problem that was too difficult to solve. eChem was the only company that listened to our problems and was able to provide a parts washers that fit the bill. Hats off to eChem!”


“What a pleasure it has been working with Ajit at eChem. His knowledge about how to clean different kinds of coatings and what kind of parts washer is needed to best clean a particular kind of part is impressive.”

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